Get Started With Image+ for WordPress

In your WordPress Editor, sometimes known as the Gutenberg Editor, you can add a new Image+ or transform an existing Image into an Image+.

Add a new Image+

When you add an Image+ block, you can upload an image file, pick an image from your media library, or add an image from a URL, just like when you create a regular Image:

The other option is to create an image from words, using AI. This feature is powered by OpenAI Dall-E 2. Simply paste or type words that describe the image you would like to use. It’s amazing!

After a few seconds, your image will be uploaded and you will see the Image+ controls.

Transform an existing Image into an Image+

Click on any image, then click on the image icon at the left of the toolbar that appears above the image, to reveal the ‘Transform To’ menu:

Then click Image+ to transform your image to an Image+. After a few seconds you will see the Image+ controls.

Paste from clipboard into an Image+

Here’s a pro tip if you want to use Image+ to enhance screenshots, like the ones on this page.

If you have copied an image onto your clipboard, you can paste it into your WordPress editor in the normal way, using Ctrl+V on Windows, or Command+V on Mac. Then you can transform the image into an Image+.

Image+ Controls

Click on your image to adjust its settings. Different types of images will have different settings available. Clicking on a new image will reveal Focus Settings and Caption Settings. Clicking on the “Baseline” image will reveal the Baseline Settings.

Focus viewer attention

Continue reading to learn how to focus viewer attention on your most impactful image content.