Powerful Image Features In The Image+ for WordPress Toolbar

The toolbar displayed above the Image+ block includes some standard image controls, including Align, Link, Edit as HTML, and Create Reusable Block.


You can upsize your Image+ to wide or fullscreen width by using the Align button on the Image+ Toolbar:

Default Image+ Link

Important: for most Image+ use cases you will want to set a link that is followed when a viewer clicks:

Uniquely using Image+ for WordPress, you can also specify a different link for each Caption added to your Image+.

Edit as HTML

If you want to edit the underlying HTML that makes up an Image+ block, no worries, you can use the “Edit as HTML” options from the Toolbar:

Reusable Image+ blocks

This one is really useful, if you want to use an Image+ block on multiple pages.

From the Toolbar, select “Create Reusable block” and provide a name for your reusable block.

Then whenever you need the Image+, you can search for it by name when you add a block in the WordPress Editor, as below:

Note: Your Image+ content is also saved in your Media Library for re-use, as explained below.

Media Library

Your Image+ content is saved to your Media Library for re-use. This does not take up any hosting space; the Media Library points to Image+ content hosted on Image+ servers.

When you want to re-use an Image+, simply find it in your Media Library (you can filter for Image+ content, as shown below) and insert into your post or page. The WordPress Editor initially treats the Image+ as a regular image, you can resize and add a caption below. That may be adequate for your re-use needs.

To make further changes to Image+ settings such as Focus and Captions, simply Transform to an Image+.